Reference Forge API

Because Forge is based on Maven, the easiest way to get started quickly writing a plugin is to create a new maven Java project. This can be done by hand, or using Forge’s built-in plugin project facet.

Using Forge

In two short steps, you can have a new plugin-project up and running; this can be done using Forge itself!

Execute $ forge from a command prompt.
Once forge is running, create a new project:

$ new-project --named {name} --topLevelPackage {com.example.project} --projectFolder {/directory/path}
Install the Forge Plugin API, press ENTER to confirm installation of required facet dependencies, and select the API v  ersion you wish to use.
$ plugins setup

That’s it! Now your project is ready to be compiled and installed in Forge, but you may still want to create some Plugins.