Improve our documentation

We need your help! Good documentation is one of the most important things for a great Forge experience. It’s really easy to help, so if you feel we are missing something in the docs, please add it. Be sure to follow the contribution guide when contributing documentation.

The documentation is written in Textile, which is a lightweight markup language.

Follow these steps to conribute documentation:

  1. Clone on GitHub.
  2. Add a new .textile file in one of the sub directories of the docs directory.
  3. Push the empty Textile file to your GitHub repository.
  4. Use the GitHub Textile editor to write your docs and preview changes. Of course you can use your own editor if you prefer so.

The Textile Wikipedia page gives a good introduction about the markup language.

Some technical details

The Forge website is built using Awestruct, and the sources are on However you don’t have to install anything to contribute documentation! If you are interested in Awestruct anyway, you’ll find a guide on the github page about how to setup and use Awestruct.