This page lists the people who belong to the core team. If you're a contributor and would like to be listed here, please file a pull request for the website.

Name Role Git Username Organization Hometown (Time zone)
Lincoln Baxter III Project Lead lincolnthree Red Hat GMT-5
George Gastaldi Plugin Development Lead gastaldi Red Hat GMT-3
Koen Aers Forge Eclipse Integration (JBoss Tools) Lead koentsje Red Hat GMT+1
Vineet Reynolds Scaffolding Lead vineetreynolds Red Hat GMT-3


Name Git Username
Adolfo Júnior adolfojunior
Fiorenzo fiorenzino
Ivan St. Ivanov ivannov
Jevgeni Zelenkov jzelenkov
Matt Benson mbenson
Paul Bakker paulbakker
Rubens Saraiva rsaraiva
Ståle W. Pedersen stalep
Thomas Frühbeck shadogray
Tomas Remes tremes