JBoss Forge 2.0.0.Final is now available!

After two years of hard work, the Forge Team proudly presents the release of JBoss Forge 2.0.0.Final (codename Furnace).

Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or have any feedback on usability, at http://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE. Thank you for your patience and for all of your help! We have worked hard to make this release happen, and we are not going to stop here. We know there are still some issues to fix, and that we need to put more work into the Shell to bring it to the place where Forge 1 was, but the benefits of Forge 2 far outweigh the costs. The things that are possible with Forge 2 truly make our vision of an extendable tool, addons that share functionality a reality.

For those of you who want to try Forge 2 and write addons of your own, we are ready for you! Check out our documentation on addons development, and let your imagination run wild. This release marks the stable API, so you can now develop with full confidence that your addon will continue to compile as we continue to improve.

With regard to the functionality of our built-in addons, such as the Java EE and Scaffolding generation – we will be continuing to make changes and improvements in how these addons function, as well as some behavior of the shell, to attempt to make the experience as friendly as possible (there is something to be desired when compared to Forge 1).

But please go forth and Forge apps, addons, and experiements. We will be in the #forge IRC channel on irc.freenode.net, and at forge-dev@lists.jboss.org to help as much as we can. Additionally, you can check out our forums at: https://community.jboss.org/en/forge to contact us as well.

Our next goal, in addition to continuous improvement, is to bring the Forge 2 website to life so that you, our community, can share your addons and explore those of others. Work has already begun, so expect a site that is as extendable as Forge 2 itself.

What’s new and noteworthy?

We’ve worked on so many features over the past two years, it’s hard to remember them all, or give them all mention, but we hope that as you explore Forge 2, you will have as much fun using it as we did creating it.

Expect more news about our website, and the Forge JBoss Tools plugin over the next few months.

Release Notes – 25 issues were resolved in this release. Check out all the new stuff!


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