JBoss Forge 2.0.0.CR1 is now available!

New year, new releases. The Forge Team proudly presents the release of JBoss Forge 2.0.0.CR1.
We are very close to releasing the Final version of Forge 2; however, given some Windows issues in the Shell addon, we decided to postpone 2.0.0.Final after they can be resolved.

Starting today, prepare to take over your IDE in a way like you’ve never seen before!

In this version, we believe we have reached a stable API in both Furnace and the Forge UI Addon. Future versions should suffer from little to no changes to the API, so we are releasing 2.0.0.CR1 today.

You should be able to develop Addons with confidence, and run them in Eclipse using the Forge 2 Eclipse plugin. The CLI should also work well, but you may notice a hiccup here or there. Once the remaining issues with the CLI are resolved, you should be able to expect a shiny, well formed, Final release.

Release Notes – 40 issues were resolved in this release. Check out all the new stuff!



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